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Self portrait - Colombia S_edited.jpg

     A picture can only do so much - it must be experienced to   capture its essence. Nature is Art! Nature is the stimulation of   the senses; to embrace each moment is truly a unique   experience.  As John Muir put it, “…unspeakably pure and   sublime.”   I respectively invite you to partake in my visual   encounters.  More importantly, my hope is for you to go out   and experience it yourself. 

     Admittedly, birds have been my photographic focal point -   having three photographic books published:  A Photographic   Guide to Birds of the West Indies, A Photographic Guide to   Birds of Southern Florida and A Photographic Guide to Birds   of Jamaica. However, I enjoy everything I encounter.  I have   written numerous articles about my experiences, too.   Magazine publications include:  Birdwatch, Birder’s World,   Chicago Tribune, Chicago Wilderness, Cotinga, Michigan   Outdoors, Northwest Travel, Oregon Coast, Reptiles, The   Nature Conservancy, WildBird plus other periodicals.             

     Those who have traveled with me learn quickly about my   meandering ways. They no longer inquire my whereabouts   because they know, “He’s having fun doing his own thing.” 

 A fresh new sensation waits with every step, every glance,   every sound, every smell.  Go for it!  Embrace the moment!   Every month I will be adding more photos from corresponding   stories to keep the site vibrant, to nurture and instill that desire   to enlighten and inspire.

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